Florida Amendment 3: Good or bad for 'you and me?'

Amendment would decide if voters have say in gambling

By Kent Justice - Anchor/reporter

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Lots of ads and money are being thrown at the controversial Amendment 3, which addresses voter control of gambling in Florida.

Advocates say the amendment, "puts Florida voters back in charge of casino gambling decisions, not Tallahassee politicians and gambling lobbyists."

Opponents like Jamie Shelton, the president of Bestbet Jacksonville, believe differently.

"This is more toward me and what I do here in Northeast Florida," Shelton said. "It creates a monopoly for the Seminole Tribe in South Florida, using your Constitution as a vehicle to create that."

Supporters say gambling isn't like most issues that can be dealt with at the local level. Rep. Clay Yarborough (R-Jacksonville), who is a former member of Jacksonville City Council, says lawmakers shouldn't be dealing with gambling issues every year when they could be working on other things.

"This is taking up a lot of time each legislative session whenever we have these proposals put in front of us," Yarborough said. "We need to be focused more now on important issues like funding greater school safety measures and mental health programs and public safety."

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Shelton said Amendment 3 threatens about 200 jobs if it passes. He also said $250 million in tax revenues that go to education would be lost over the next 10 years.

Yarborough said there's currently no proof of that, since future budgets have not been constructed.

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