French’s launches ketchup-flavored popsicle called ‘Frenchsicle’

A popular condiment just got a whole lot ‘cooler’

Still shot of French's ketchup popsicles

The launch of a new frozen snack on a stick is causing quite the commotion on social media.

One of the world’s most popular condiments, ketchup, is now being served as a... popsicle.

The limited-edition ketchup-flavored ice pop, called a “French-sicle,” was announced by French’s on social media earlier this month.

It’s described as a savory tomato flavor balanced with a hint of salty sweetness.

It’s currently only available at a few pop-up locations in Canada. Although it will only be around for a few days -- people have a lot to say.

“A ketchup popsicle. Who hurt you?” one Twitter user wrote.

“Do you know the difference between knowledge and wisdom? Knowledge is knowing tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to make ketchup popsicles out of them.” another Twitter user wrote.

“I love ketchup as much is the next person. But this is horrifying.” another response said.

The popsicles were created in collaboration with the Canadian ice pop brand, Happy Pops.

About the Author:

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