Student suspended for selling ‘squirts’ of hand sanitizer at school

We can’t make this stuff up...

UNITED KINGDOM – He’s an entrepreneur in the making.

A mother said her son was sent home early from school after he was caught selling “squirts” of hand sanitizer to students at his school.

The interesting sell comes as the coronavirus panic continues to rise.

It appears that the teenager in the United Kingdom was selling the pumps for fifty pence, the equivalent to around 70 US cents, a pop.

His mother posted the story on Facebook, saying it is hard to discipline him for what he did.

“Very hard to discipline this behavior when his dad phones him from work to call him a f****** legend,” the mother wrote in a post on Facebook.

He allegedly made around $11 United States dollars and bought Doritos and is “saving the rest to buy a kebab later.”

The post has been shared more than 190,000 times.

This is a picture of my teenage son just getting in from school. Why is he getting in from school at 10:53am you ask?...

Posted by Jenny Tompkins on Wednesday, March 11, 2020

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