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Jean's Clean Team provides free house cleaning for cancer patients

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – When a family is facing a cancer diagnosis, likely one of the last things they want to spend time on is keeping things neat and tidy at home.

To relieve the stress of a messy home and give patients and families more time to spend together rather than doing chores, Jean's Clean Team, the winner of this month's Positively Jax award, provides free house cleaning services to cancer patients.

Jean Hill owns the Hendricks Avenue business and received the award Friday from WJXT Local Sales Manager Charles Chunn.

Jennifer Medley’s family benefited from the services of Jean’s Clean Team when she was caring for her son, who had been diagnosed with a fatal childhood disease.

Hill contacted Medley and offered to help, bringing her cleaning team to Medley's home bi-weekly so Medley could rest briefly while taking care of her son around the clock.

“Since my oldest son and her son were the same age, it really hit home,” Hill said. “It’s hard to talk about, but watching how she was struggling, knowing it could be any day…I just wanted to give her the time to spend more time with him.”

Hill said you don't have to experience tragedy in your own life to want to help

“In a selfish way, (helping her) made my day better,” Hill said.