Gift delivers clean air for K9s, handlers at local charity

K9s for Warriors gets gift of air purification systems for training facility

Gift delivers clean air for K9s, handlers at local charity
Gift delivers clean air for K9s, handlers at local charity

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. – K9s for Warriors received a special gift just in time for the holidays that will make its facilities healthier.

Fresh Aire UV gifted the organization 14 new air purification systems for its training facility: Camp K9.

“To receive a gift like this during the holidays for us means the world to us,” said Greg Wells, a veteran and K9s for Warriors manager of programs.” Not just as an employee but the organization wide. And the dogs will appreciate it, too.”

The goal is to have healthier air for the dogs and people using the facilities.

"If he gets sick, it’s equivalent to like my children getting sick. It’s one of those things where you want the best healthcare for them because they mean so much to you,” Wells said of his K9 companion, Utah. “And it’s not just because you love them, but they perform an absolute wonderful function and you need them. "

The organizations said the new systems will limit the spread of air borne illnesses and help keep the kennel environment cleaner.

"As the air moves through the heating and air system, which is really the lungs of the system in a building, we ultimately want to filter out those impurities so that air that comes through this is cleaner and purified not just for the humans but for our dogs as well,” said Sean Mosley, vice president of sales for Fresh Aire UV.

The new systems will be installed over the next few days.

Fresh Aire UV said it was important to give back to an organization that has changed the lives of veterans for the better.

“Utah has saved my life. He has given my kids their father back and my wife her husband back. Because I’m able to not focus on the past. I’m able to live in the present and work through problems,” Wells said. “I’m able to feel emotions, process them, and then move on.”

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