‘Kindness Kabinet’ in Atlantic Beach: Leave what you can, take what you need

Items are free to anyone who needs them

The Kindness Kabinet sits out in front of The Wine Warehouse of Atlantic Beach at 665 Atlantic Blvd.

DUVAL COUNTY, Fla. – A business in Atlantic Beach is getting noticed for a random act of kindness that continues to help out the community.

The “Kindness Kabinet” sits out in front of the Wine Warehouse on Atlantic Blvd. Business owner Mark Graeser said the community donates food to those who need it.

“We have some consistent helpers,” Graeser told News4Jax. “Our shoppers are gracious, rarely taking more than a day’s supply even if encouraged to take more.

The shelves are stocked with donations like canned goods, toiletries, diapers, sanitary products and other non-perishables foods.

Graeser said many shoppers have recently expressed their appreciation and encouragement once the pandemic left many without money for food.

“We actually got a thank you note written on scrap paper from a person who was homeless and was also encouraging us. We also received a social media message from a person who spent three months homeless here... He wrote to tell me how kind our community was and to thank me for starting the Kindness Kabinet,” Graeser said.

Graeser said sometimes when he drives by late at night he sees both donors and shoppers.

“We’ve even had a yoga class choose us to be the recipient of their generosity,” Graeser said.

Would you like to help? Donations can be dropped off at the drive-thru during business hours or just left on the shelf.

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Kindness Kabinet photo: Juliann Gaus-Graeser

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