Furyk Foundation filling 5,000 holiday bags for Jacksonville’s youth

The Jim and Tabitha Furyk Foundation filled over 5,000 bags with holiday foods for local at risk children. (Jim and Tabitha Furyk Foundation)

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. – On Thursday, December 9, the Jim & Tabitha Furyk Foundation will provide the food and supplies to pack over 5,000 holiday meals for at risk children in the greater Jacksonville area.

For the 10th year in a row, the foundation set up a volunteer experience for kids to help kids in their community. Students from area public and private schools are invited to pack bags with their family for other children who are identified as food insecure in Duval and St. Johns Counties.

The hands-on opportunity secures a meal of stuffing, corn, green beans, noodles, pasta sauce, ramen, canned sausage, hot cocoa, candy canes, cereal, Slim Jim’s, cookies and Rice-a-Roni to children who might otherwise go hungry during the long holiday break. With help from the sponsors of Constellation Furyk & Friends presented by Circle K, the Jim & Tabitha Furyk Foundation has been able to increase the number of bags from 500 the first year to 5,000 in 2021. AT&T, PepsiCo, Target and Conagra Brands also supported this effort.

About Jim & Tabitha Furyk Foundation

Created to help families and children in need, The Jim and Tabitha Furyk Foundation is dedicated to making our communities a better place. Based in Jacksonville, the nonprofit charity is involved in many different projects across North Florida. Collaborating with other organizations such as the Wolfson’s Children Hospital, Blessings in a Backpack, Community PedsCare and Operation Shower, the Jim and Tabitha Furyk Foundation helps to provide necessary funding and programs to help our communities become healthier, stronger and educationally enriched. Information on events, how to get involved or donate can be found at www.jimandtabithafurykfoundation.com.

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