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There were more than 41,000 traffic deaths in 2021 alone, but experts are creating solutions. Don’t miss the innovations keeping drivers and pedestrians safe.


Safer streets can also mean ridding communities of violence and crime. In places like Danville, Virginia, police, and citizens have turned back the clock in many respects to bring peace back to the area.

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Here’s what you can expect from our next episode:

  • Wrong-way drivers: New technology and equipment are tracking wrong-way driving and alerting the traffic management system in Florida, reducing the number of injuries and deaths related to wrong-way accidents.
  • Designing safer semis: New legislation requires semi-trucks to be safer for vehicles that may crash into them by adding materials that prevent cars and trucks from going under the semi.
  • Street racing in Detroit: Solutions: Stopping the spread and glorification of street racing on social media and giving racers a safe venue to keep racing.
  • Texas A&M changing the roadside: The Transportation Institute at Texas A&M is creating a more forgiving roadside, which will mitigate fatal crashes.
  • Vision Zero saving lives: Changing the timing of traffic lights and expanding and contracting lane widths are just a couple of ways a more thoughtful approach to traffic is helping save lives.
  • Gun violence on the streets: Danville, Virginia, was known as a high-crime area, with the state’s highest homicide rate per capita, but new measures designed to battle crime have created a safer, better place to live.

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