WATCH: Solutions to hurricanes, political debate, brain-eating amoebas, and more

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Our Solutionaries team has been working hard to find solutions for many issues plaguing our communities.


In Florida, on the heels of Hurricane Ian, thousands of people are battling through heartache to reclaim the life they had before the storm. Many ask if it’s worth rebuilding in an area susceptible to more of the same. One community that took the storm’s best shots but stood tall and made it through with barely a scratch. How? Watch to find out.

Our teams have found solutions for many more issues. Check them out:

  • A potential cure for a tiny killer -- the brain-eating amoeba.
  • How to constructively talk to your loved ones who have differing political opinions.
  • Reversing wage disparity that is crushing underrepresented portions of society.
  • Campus security -- bringing peace of mind to students and parents alike.
  • Slowing the spread of STDs -- because numbers are on the rise.

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