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Jacksonville woman gets free A/C unit through ‘Honor our Front-Line Workers’

McGowan's Gives Back to our Heroes

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville health care worker has won a free air conditioning system and installation through McGowan’s Heating and Air Conditioning.

The winner, Stephanie Gabala, was nominated by her mother, Sallie Adams. Gabala is a Medicaid specialist who works at Terrace of Jacksonville for 14 years.

Her mother wrote, “Her title there is Medicaid specialist, but she wears many other hats. She helps the residents with their benefits, but during COVID she has delivered trays to the patients, used her personal cellphones so residents could FaceTime loved ones, purchased clothes for residents in need, and has held dying residents hands because her heart is so kind, she doesn’t want anyone to die alone. She has a daughter she home schools. Her air conditioning keeps breaking down, and she and her family could use a new one. Oh, and the picture, she is the one in the middle of her 91-year-old grandfather and 90-year-old grandmother that lives with her and she takes wonderful care of. Thank you for considering Stephanie.”

“This is was a huge success to give back to the community we serve,” said Keith Morin, VP of business development at McGowan. “We have been an essential business during the COVID outbreak and we wanted to give back to a front line work in the community we serve. When I (told) Sallie, the mother of Stephanie, that she was the winner and to set up the surprise on Friday July 31st at 2 p.m., Sallie was so thankful and it made a difference to someone so deserving. I am proud to (be) working with an organization like McGowan’s that is invested to the public they serve.”