When should you take your pet to the ‘vet ER?’ Are there any other options?

Have you heard of this concept? UrgentVet was featured on "River City Live," so we can learn more about the concept of an urgent care for pets.

Calling all pet owners: Would you know what to do if your animal got hurt after your regular veterinarian’s office was closed?

Many people have somewhere they could go -- like a “vet ER,” as it’s sometimes called, but others might not.

Plus, what would you do if you knew your furry friend was hurt, but it wasn’t a life-threatening condition? There can be some gray area here.

An expert from UrgentVet met with the “River City Live” crew to review some options.

Watch the clip above, as they discuss:

  • What makes UrgentVet unique in the veterinary space?
  • What should pet parents know about their choices?
  • What kinds of injuries and illnesses does UrgentVet treat?

UrgentVet says it provides care for non-life threatening conditions that happen after your regular vet is closed. The company considers itself an affordable alternative to the vet ER, offering the prompt peace of mind you need when your animal is ill or injured and can’t wait to feel better.