5 reasons why you should have your residential or commercial windows tinted

When it comes to home improvements, windows tend to be one of the last things that gets an update.

Sure, you want to make sure they keep the cold air in and will withstand storm winds, but have you ever thought about having them tinted?

You may think that it is purely a cosmetic improvement to your windows and home, but Mark Anderson from Premiere Glass Tinting By Mark is here to tell you that there a whole lot of benefits to tinting your residential or commercial windows than you may think.

1.) You’ll save on your energy bill

According to Anderson, many customers have reported saving up to 20-30% on their energy bills after switching to tinted windows. The company said that after two years, your investment will pay for itself in the money you will be saving.

2.) Your house will stay much cooler

Because of the tinted windows, a lot of the heat from sunlight is blocked. Anderson said that a western-facing room can have the temperature cut by 6 to 10 degrees with its film tinted layers put on the windows.

3.) It will block harmful UV rays

We all know that UV rays are not good for our skin, and even the flooring and furniture in our homes. According to Anderson, all of Solar Gard’s architectural films stop virtually 100% of UVA/UVB rays. Those rays can cause skin cancer, and they can deteriorate drapes, blinds, wood floors and furniture.

4.) You’ll get some more privacy

In the evening, your tinted windows will look the same as an ordinary window, but during the day you can expect some added privacy. The company said both the Silver and True View series offer a high level of privacy during the day.

5.) Your plants will continue to flourish

Turns out, plants don’t need UV rays to stay healthy. According to Anderson, plants need white light in order to grow, and the tinted windows do not block white light. It’s a win-win situation.

So are you sold on getting tinted windows? Make sure you contact Premiere Glass Tinting By Mark for all your window needs.