5 things you can do to get your child ready for school next month

These tips can help parents best prepare for the return to school.

As it usually does, summer is flying by, so that means the start of a new school year isn’t that far away.

In light of that, here are five things to help get your child ready for the start of school in August, according to San Jose Catholic School.

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1. Stay on a routine.

During the summer, routines are appropriately altered. Kids stay up later and hopefully sleep in! However, as the school year approaches, it’s helpful to get the kids back on track. Routine is key!

2. Keep skills sharp.

Most schools have a summer reading assignment, and some have a math assignment as well. This helps prevent the “summer slide” when students can forget what they’ve learned. Summer skills practice should be designed to help students retain knowledge for the next grade level. Make sure your child is doing what your school requires for summer learning.

3. Go shopping to create excitement.

A great way to create excitement for the upcoming year is “Back to School” shopping. Having your child choose their bags, binders, pencils and supplies generates anticipation for the upcoming year. It also creates such great memories.

4. Know what is going on at school for the year.

Parents also need to their homework! Take the time to review the school calendar, any changes in procedures and policies, faculty and staff. From before school to after school, now is the time to inform yourself which helps with a smooth start to the school year.

5. Help your kid adapt socially.

For many Pre K 3 to Kindergartner students, this may be the first time they are away from mom and dad. Schedules and socialization are VERY important for this age group. Partner with friends with children of the same age and set up “away time”. Encourage your kids to be independent. Tying their own shoes, picking up their own toys and eating on their own will help them transition into a classroom environment.