Gus Bradley says firing Bob Babich was "Tough and difficult."

Jaguars defensive coordinator (L) Bob Babich talks to Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley.
Jaguars defensive coordinator (L) Bob Babich talks to Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – While getting rid of Jedd Fisch last year as offensive coordinator was a business transaction, parting ways with defensive coordinator Bob Babich was personal for Head Coach Gus Bradley

“It’s a results business but it’s also a people business and a relationship business so this was very difficult,” Bradley said Wednesday on a conference call.

A long-term relationship between the two coaches dates back to their days as college coaches when Babich hired Bradley.  Bradley did the same when he was named as the Jaguars Head Coach, naming Babich as his defensive coordinator almost immediately.

“We didn’t reach the expectations we had hoped,” Bradley explained.  “Sometimes it falls on the DC, sometimes it’s spread out.  It was tough though, I’ll tell you that.”

It was probably particularly difficult for Bradley since he said he wasn’t told by anybody to make a change. “This was my choice, my evaluation.”

Looking for a new defensive coordinator will be an “open” search according to Bradley considering coaches in the college and professional ranks.

“I think there's a lot of factors, looking at scheme, coaching, we have to be on the details,” is how Gus outlined the search process.

How to lure somebody here?  Bradley says he’s already started and that his phone has been ringing and probably won’t stop for a week. “ I think that it’s a pretty good place,” he said.

A new defensive coordinator, as well as Bradley would benefit from better players.  The Jaguars are expected to be a free spending team in free agency with defense as their main focus.  They know they can quickly build a defense with the right parts unlike the offense that takes time to develop.  Everybody will be involved in deciding what players they’ll go after from the scouting department to the coaching staff to General Manager Dave Caldwell.

“We all take ownership, It’s a collaborative effort. We had a meeting today about the defense and we brought in an offensive coach to have his input,” Bradley revealed.

When will the staff be set with a new coordinator and whatever shuffling might take place? “

“I have a responsibility to our players,” Gus said.  “They're trusting me to make the right decision for them to be successful. We're already starting. I's not how fast we get it done it's about making the right decision.  We'll do what’s best for the organization."