How much do the Jaguars eat each month?

Forget an army, Chef Sean Kinoshita has to a feed Jacksonville's football team

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Ever wonder what it takes to feed a team full of hungry professional football players?

Executive Chef Sean Kinoshita shared with "The Morning Show" on Friday that getting the Jaguars ready for Sunday's AFC Championship game in New England is not an easy job.

According to the team's food and beverage manager, a nutritionist determines all the foods each player should eat and then works with Kinoshita to come up with a menu.  

Kinoshita then creates the menu, including breakfast, lunch and dinner, which is provided to the players whenever they are at EverBank Field.

With chef-prepared meals, why would they ever eat anywhere else?

Their meals include:

Cage Free Eggs
Local Fish
Dayboat Fish (local fish that is caught that day)
Bison Burgers
Grass-fed Beef
Organic Fruits

Nearly all the food given to the players -- 90 percent -- is made from scratch, according to Executive Sous Chef Chris Voorhees.

And you thought it was tough getting a homemade meal on the table for your family every day.

Along with breaking down the players' monthly diet, Kinoshita shared some tailgating tips for fans.

Wait until you see his technique for the best wings.

Bon appétit!

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