Mark Brunell: If Foles is ready, the Jaguars need to go with him

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jaguars lost a critical divisional game against the Texans on Sunday and had a long flight home from London.

The next two weeks will also be long as the team enters its bye week.

But this bye week isn't like most weeks off for the Jaguars. It's decision time.

It's time for Doug Marrone to decide who will be taking snaps when the Jaguars take on Indianapolis in our next must-win game on Nov. 17. In my opinion, it's not a tough decision at all.

Nick Foles should be the starting quarterback.

First, let me mention that going with Foles isn't a slight against Gardner Minshew. He's exceeded everybody's expectations and has played very well. The mobility, the accuracy, the passing yards, the big plays, the magic … I could go on and on.

But quarterbacks n the NFL are judged by one thing: wins.

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Minshew has won four games. Games we were supposed to win. Games against lesser teams. He has lost five games, games that were simply too much for the rookie. But I believe Foles gives us the best chance to win as we face some very important games on the remaining schedule.

Last offseason, the Jaguars had one major goal: find a quarterback that could take the team to the
next level. Usually good quarterbacks aren't available. Foles was.

If you look at Foles' entire career, it is good … not great. But he certainly had great moments. Beating the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl was his defining moment, and nobody saw it coming.

And it was exactly what the Jaguars were looking for. They were looking for a signal caller that could do the unexpected; to win games that nobody expects you to win. Thats what I believe Foles can do for the Jaguars. With Foles and our defense, the Jaguars still have a chance.

We'll find out in two weeks and I hope I'm right. Go Jaguars!