Jaguars players speak up on social media in support of change

Jacksonville Jaguars Black Lives Matter march
Jacksonville Jaguars Black Lives Matter march

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Not every Jaguars players could make it to Friday’s peaceful protest march in Jacksonville, but many still spoke up in support of the cause from afar.

Quarterback Gardner Minshew II posted a video message on Twitter backing his teammates, saying that he’s grateful to be part of an organization that is will to speak up for change.

“It's been an eye opening and inspiring experience just being able to sit back these last few days and listen and hear stories from my friends, my brothers. And I believe that we have people on this team, in this organization that are committed to making real change,” he said. “We realize this won't happen from one march, from one day, but a consistent effort to bring justice and equality into our city, into our community.

“I'm excited to see what this organization, what this team's going to do, and more anything I'm excited to be a part of it.”

Defensive end Aaron Lynch said change takes individual people banding together and saying enough is enough.

“This world is not going to change because a few people said something, this world’s going to change because everybody said something,” Lynch said. “Everybody put their foot down and says, ‘no, no more.’ Because damnit, there’s way more good than there is evil.”

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