Jaguars fans lament losses, some sack season tickets

Loyals frustrated after 50-10 loss to New England Patriots

Jaguars fans are sounding off as the team moves toward getting the No. 1 draft pick — again.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jaguars fans are sounding off as the team moves toward getting the No. 1 draft pick -- again.

Owner Shad Khan is searching for a new head coach and fans are calling for an end to General Manager Trent Baalke’s tenure.

Hundreds of Jaguars fans on Twitter changed their avatars to a clown emoji with a mustache, a clear shot at Khan and his signature mustache. Others say they won’t be renewing their season tickets.

“I don’t go anymore because they’re losing. Every time you go, they’re losing,” said Ronnie Harrison, whose family used to own season tickets.

Sunday’s 40-point loss to the New England Patriots might’ve been the tipping point for some of the loyals, who happen to be News4JAX Insiders.

In an article posted Monday morning, News4JAX asked Insiders with season tickets to weigh in.

Penny Thompson said: “I was a season ticket holder for 26 years but gave them up after realizing this ownership doesn’t care if the team wins.”

Chris Lane added: “I’m not planning on renewing my seats. Losing is one thing, but failure to learn from mistakes is another. I can’t accept it.”

Zachary said he was not renewing tickets: “ABSOLUTLEY NOT. I have a problem with spending $1600 for something that is just going to piss me off.”

Laura VanZee said: “I will not renew if they keep Ballke I will consider depending on the new coach and GM.”

The Jaguars are 30th in the league with home game attendance, only topping Detroit and Washington.

Poor play has also affected local businesses on away weekends. The owner of Mudville Grille on Beach Boulevard said his business dips on Sundays when the team isn’t playing well. Conversely, when the Jaguars have been good, customers increased noticeably.

Eric Dillard, a member of the boisterous Bold City Brigade fan club and a fan who’s lamented about the losses on Twitter, said he’s buying red noses for the upcoming game against the Colts.

He’s encouraging fans to dress as clowns to send a message to the franchise, especially the team owner.

“We have one home game left against the Colts on Sunday,” he said. “The goal is for everyone to show up and, you know, have something that represents being a clown, because that’s what the Jaguars organization is right now.”

Tickets will not be hard to come by. Some sites like Ticketmaster and StubHub have seats for as low as $22 before fees.

News4JAX has requested comment from the Jaguars about ticket sales. A spokesperson said the front office was closed in observance of New Year’s. She said the date for the next campaign to get fans to renew and sign up for season tickets in 2022 has not been announced.

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