‘They fought for it’: Emotions were high at watch party as Jags fans hoped for a win

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Emotions at the Duuuval Divisional Watch Party at Daily’s Place were on a roller coaster as fans watched the Jags fight against the Chiefs in the playoffs.

The Jags winning streak was put to an end after losing to the Chiefs by seven points. One minute loud cheering echoed throughout the building. The next, fans were sitting quietly.

Moments before kickoff the D-Line took the stage and entertained the crowd, followed by the Jaguar cheerleaders.

Vibrations of applause filled the room as the Jags scored their first touchdown, then even louder cheers were heard after Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes had to be replaced by backup quarterback Chad Henne after Mahomes sprained his ankle.

“Huge game changer. You see what he’s able to do, and we as Jags fans all know what Henne can do. So, we know if Henne has to come in this game, it’s over,” Ken Bailey said.

However, Mahomes returned to the game after half-time.

Cheers and excitement continued to ring through Daily’s Place all the way up to the three-minute mark, which made it very apparent that the Jags wouldn’t be able to secure a win, leading fans to start pouring out of the stadium.

“I think Jacksonville fought. They fought for it,” one fan told News4JAX after the game. “Them boys played their heart out. It was a beautiful run we had.”

“Doug Pederson did an amazing job putting this team together,” another fan said after the game. “We really got a shot next year.”

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