Put these often-forgotten items on your hurricane checklist

Build-a-Kit-That-Fits 16x9
Build-a-Kit-That-Fits 16x9

When it comes to shopping for storm supplies, you’re better off getting an early start than procrastinating.

There are many supplies on the hurricane preparedness checklist, most of which can be purchased at Ace Hardware.

To make it easy for you to get in and out quickly, a checklist of the important items are available at all ACE Hardware stores. Look for the Weather Authority’s Build-A-Kit That Fits sign to find all the various items in one spot.

In years past, Hurricanes Irma and Matthew showed how top-selling items like rope, gas cans, tub stoppers, charcoal and extension cords were in demand, even though most of the time these items don’t always come to mind.

You can save a lot of money on items from the Build-A-Kit That Fits checklist. Your neighborhood ACE Hardware store will have the lists on hand to help you figure out what you need to prepare for hurricane season.

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