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Get acquainted with our house rules before you begin commenting

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At, we want you to weigh in on our stories. Your participation, whether it’s sharing your personal perspective or engaging in spirited discussion, often raises important questions and plays an important role in making our coverage even better.

For the benefit of our audience, we have community guidelines in place that apply to anyone who uses our website along with any content submitted to us. If you have any questions or concerns about these house rules, send an email to

Community Guidelines:

1) In order to comment, all users must register with

2) By registering, users agree not to post or submit inappropriate content, including the following:

  • Content that violates copyright, trademarks or intellectual property law;
  • Content that is libelous or defamatory;
  • Personal attacks toward other users;
  • Bigoted, offensive, harassing or intimidating language;
  • Personal details of other users, such as contact information;
  • Content that advertises a product or service;
  • Repetitive content, otherwise known as spam;
  • Off-topic remarks that don’t apply to the story;
  • Illegible comments and those posted in all caps are subject to removal;

3) Moderators can remove comments that violate these rules.

4) Users can flag comments for moderators to review for potential removal.

5) Users who abuse the flagging feature are subject to a ban.

6) Be yourself. Users are not allowed to impersonate other people.

7) Inappropriate or offensive usernames or profile photos aren’t allowed.

8) You are fully and legal responsible for any content you post.

9) Users can be banned for one-time or repeated rules violations.

10) We can remove content at any time without notifying the user.

11) We can ban users at any time without notifying the user.

It’s worth noting here that you can disagree with others without resorting to personal attacks. Remember, it costs nothing to be polite. If you feel your comment was removed by mistake or your account was banned unfairly, contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to register to comment? Yes. You have to register and log in to to comment on the site.
  • Can I remove or edit a comment? You can edit a comment up to 5 minutes after you post the comment. You cannot remove a comment once the 5-minute window closes. We generally do not remove comments once they’re shared in the conversation unless the comment violates our commenting rules. If you would like a comment removed, contact us at:
  • I flagged a comment, but it’s still on the site. What happened? All flagged comments are reviewed by a moderator. If you flag a comment and still see it on the site, it was either reviewed and OK’d by a moderator or is still pending review. If it’s urgent, send an email to:
  • Why did I get banned? You violated our commenting policies. Bans range from 1 hour to permanent, depending on a user’s commenting history and the nature of the offensive comment that led to the ban. Bans are made at the discretion of moderators.