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Pin your photos of severe weather, breaking news, beauty shots and more on SnapJAX

StormPins submission (Photo from viewer maryanncorbello)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – You’ve regularly seen us sharing your photos and video of the beauty of our community, cute pets, holiday decorations and breaking news shard on StormPins via our weather app or on News4Jax.com.

Since we’re regularly using it for more than severe weather, sunrises and rainbows, we’ve outgrown the StormPins name. We’ve changed it to SnapJAX.

Our photo/video sharing platform is a local “Instagram meets Twitter” designed to let our viewers share what’s happening around them -- and map it by neighborhood. SnapJax simply expands the brand to encourage you to use beyond weather photos. We want to see everything in and around Jacksonville that you think others will want to see.

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You can take a picture or shoot some video or upload something you’ve already captured. If you pin it from the app, it will automatically place it on a map so people know where it happened. From the website, it will prompt you to provide the location.

Whether it’s a storm moving through, a flooded roadway, a tree knocked down, a spectacular sunset or someone doing a good deed, drop a pin. See a fire, a wreck or anything else newsworthy, drop a pin.

“You can also check out what other people are sharing and comment on or like their pins,” said The Weather Authority’s Richard Nunn. “We will all be able to share the view.”

Have fun with great shots at the beach or share a shot of your next family outing. When severe weather hits, alert others with pins of stormy weather or storm damage.

The News4Jax team and our meteorologist will be watching what photos and video come in and we’ll share the best on air and online. Photos are also selected daily for use in our newsletters.