People receiving fishy text message: 'Someone complimented you'

Is it a scam? Is it linked to sex trafficking?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Women and men in Jacksonville and all across the U.S. are receiving an unsolicited text message attempting to bait them into clicking a link. 

The message reads: "Someone complimented you! See more on here:.." The message then gives you two link options to click. One is for iPhone, one is for Android. 

After word got out about the weird, fishy messages, a post started going around claiming the text was related to sex trafficking.

News4Jax checked multiple sites, and the message is definitely real, but the sex trafficking rumor is a hoax. 

"The claim that these text messages have been linked to sex trafficking is completely unsubstantiated," Snopes said. 

Two reporters from News4Jax received the message as well. So what is it?

Reports found that the text message comes from an app called "In Real Life." 

IRL's website says you get the "compliment" text because other people who use the app have your number in their contact list.

The app is real, but how they got your phone number, especially if you never downloaded the app or gave it permission to use your contact information, is still unknown. 

According to tech website snopes.com, IRL will send the text for one of three reasons. One of your friends:

  • Added you as a friend on the app
  • Invited you to something on the app
  • Nominated you through the app

Should you receive the text, it is possible to have your wireless company block the number.

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