Tips to help you save money on printer ink

When HP announced its subscription plan, it sounded like a great promotion: free ink for life, 15 pages’ worth a month.

Then in the fall of 2020, HP changed its offer and said it would begin charging customers. But after outcries on social media, it reversed course and reinstated the program for existing customers.

HP isn’t the only company with a subscription plan. Brother, Canon, and Epson have their own versions, too.

Most of these plans rely on the company remotely monitoring your ink levels and then sending you cartridges when you’re low.

CONSUMER REPORTS: HP ends ‘free ink for life’ subscription plan

No matter how you get ink, Consumer Reports offers some clever tips to help you save money on it.

Consider a refillable tank printer. The ink that comes with it should last you a long time, and replacement bottles are a fraction of the cost of cartridges.

Another option is switching to a black and white laser printer. They use toner instead of ink to produce speedy, high-quality text, and they’re usually more cost-efficient than inkjets.