New flags for pedestrians at busy St. Augustine Beach intersection

Residents tried for months to get orange flags to improve safety

ST. AUGUSTINE BEACH, Fla. – New flags have been placed at an intersection homeowners in St. Augustine Beach have been concerned about for months.

Concerned residents of the Sea Grove neighborhood have pushed to make the intersection of A Street and A1A safer. Residents have been trying for months to get orange flags put near the intersection for pedestrians to carry while crossing the street.

Homeowners said they got the run-around from the city, county and state about adding the flags, which make pedestrians more noticeable to drivers.

Nearly 10 months later, the flags are in place and pedestrians are using them.  

Ed Pritchett said he’s seen too many close calls over the years at the intersection outside his neighborhood.

He decided to take action. 

Pritchett said he went to the city, county and state trying to get orange flags put up at the intersection of A Street and A1A.

Similar flags were already up at other intersections near the beach for pedestrians to carry as they cross the street. 

Now, almost a year after starting his mission, the city has put orange flags at each corner of the intersection. 

“I feel good about it. If it helps out, I’m all for it,” Pritchett said.

“I think it adds a safety element. You could never prove it but you didn’t want to disprove it by having somebody seriously injured,” said Frank Ward, president of the Sea Grove Homeowners Association.

Although homeowners said the orange flags are a major step in the right direction to make the intersection safer, they say much more needs to be done.

“Go down to the Butler Beach area. There’s a crosswalk there with nice flashing signs that lets you know people are walking. That would be nice,” Pritchett said.

Pritchett said he’s in touch with the Department of Transportation, which is recommending two additional changes to the intersection -- adjusting the signal timing and adding more signs to alert drivers. 

They would be changes that homeowners hope will make a major difference in safety.

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