How Jacksonville International Airport ranks in the country

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Traveling can be a headache. And fewer people are happy with the whole airport experience these days.

But when you compare the experience in Jacksonville with the experience flying out of airports the same size and even larger in other parts of the country, apparently it's not too bad.

Getting to the airport these days can be a headache. There's construction on the road leading to Jacksonville International Airport (JAX). And that can cause some headaches and confusion. Plus there is a record number of passengers flying by air these days.

Nationwide a rushed traveler experience, longer TSA lines and delays mean that overall passenger satisfaction isn't progressing as much as it has in the past. It's pretty stagnant.

But in Northeast Florida, JAX fares pretty well. In fact, when you compare it to airports its size, it's near the top of the list. The only medium-sized airport that did better in the latest JD Power national survey was Indianapolis.

Jacksonville International ranked second with a score of 831. That's just 2 points below the top runner. And it scored better than some bigger Florida airports like Orlando International. Its traveler satisfaction score was 777.

What's most important to travelers are modern terminal facilities; airport accessibility; baggage claim; easy security check; convenient check-in and baggage check; and food, beverage and retail choices.

TSA is working to get you through the screening process more quickly by using biometric screening. It's coming to bigger airports first. No word when it will come to JAX, but if you are TSA pre-approved, it will help you skirt some of the longer lines.

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