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Looking at the issues behind the votes

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – News4Jax has a new tool this election year to help us understand why voters in Florida, Georgia and across the country made their decisions of who to vote for and to shed light on why the winners won. It’s called AP VoteCast.

The Associated Press is surveying thousands of voters and, unlike typical exit polls, AP VoteCast meets registered voters where they are, reaching them via mail, by phone (landline and cell phone) and online, using a random sample of registered voters to carefully calibrate a massive poll conducted using opt-in online panels.

Looking at the issues behind the votes
Looking at the issues behind the votes

On election night, we will be able to tell you about the electorate’s age, gender, racial and ethnic makeup, its level of education, what they think the most important issues facing America are, who they voted for and much more.

News4Jax reporters Scott Johnson and Travis Gibson will be looking at the responses to see what’s happening on the ground in Florida and Georgia and bring that data to you on-air and online on Tuesday night and beyond.

While you wait, here’s an example of the type of information you’ll find when the real data goes live at 5 p.m. Tuesday.