Amendment 2 explained: Florida to vote on raising minimum wage

Amendment 2 is explained by Bruce Hamilton. Minimum wage would be raised to $10 an hour and then go up a dollar every year until it reaches $15. The problem is, businesses say that this is too costly, but employees say that they are not able to live off of the current minimum wage.

JACKSONVILLE. Fla. – One of the amendments you will vote on this year is a minimum wage initiative, Amendment 2. Floridians can decide to raise the minimum wage over time.

The minimum wage in Florida now is $8.56 an hour. If passed by voters the amendment would eventually bring the lowest wage in the state to more than $15 an hour. While it will bring people out of poverty it will almost certainly lead to lost jobs, according to economists.

If voters approve the measure by sixty percent, the state minimum wage goes up to $10 in September 2021. After that, it will increase $1 per year until it reaches $15. then the minimum wage would be adjusted for inflation every year.

The debate over raising the minimum wage in the state has largely pitted employers against workers. Employers argue it would be too costly. Workers say they can’t live off the current $8.56 an hour.

Studies differ on the ultimate impact. Some indicate a gradual increase will be manageable for small business owners to absorb. While others, especially restaurant owners who are already struggling because of the pandemic, say it will force them to shut their doors.

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