Florida Amendment 4: Constitutional changes must pass twice

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Requires all proposed amendments or revisions to the state constitution to be approved by the voters in two elections, instead of one, in order to take effect. The proposal applies the current 60% threshold for passage in both elections.

Background and details of Amendment 4

| A YES vote would:|A NO vote would:
– Likely lead to a marked reduction in the number of future amendments added to the constitution
– Delay enactment of voter approved changes to the Florida Constitution
– Add considerable time and money needed by citizen groups to successfully pass voter driven initiatives
– Provide corporate interests a second chance to defeat publicly popular amendments that initially pass
– Limit voters’ ability to amend their constitution and to act as a check on the Legislature when it fails to pass laws that are important to citizens or when it passes laws that are unfavorable
– Retain a less restrictive process for citizens to bypass the Legislature by amending the constitution through direct democracy
– Maintain existing pathways for citizens to amend their constitution with approval of 60% of all voters in a single General Election