What Glynn County voters will see on the November ballot

The much-covered governor, U.S. Senate and secretary of state races are on the November ballot in Georgia, along with other statewide and congressional offices you can learn about here. Glynn County voters settled many local and state legislature races in the primary or the lawmaker was unopposed. Although they are already considered elected, their names will appear on the ballot in the districts they represent.

There are a few local offices still undecided and voters are asked to vote yes or no to a 1-cent optional sales and use tax to fund capital outlay projects.

Read on for a preview of races specifically on the Glynn County ballot.

Glynn County Commission, District 4

This is an open seat on the commission.

  • David Sweat - retired
  • Cornell Harvey - retired

Glynn County Commission At Large, Post 1

  • Thomas “Bo” Clark Jr. - terminal manager at United Road Services
  • Richard Ingalls - retired

Glynn Board of Education, District 4

  • Henry (Hank) Yeargan Jr. - incumbent board member seeking re-election; dentist
  • Rachael J. Thompson - self-employed

Special County 1 Percent Sales and Use Tax Election

  • Shall a special 1 percent sales and use tax be imposed in the special district of Glynn County for a period of time not to exceed six years and for the raising of an estimated amount of $133,000,000 for the purpose of funding the following Tier 1 capital outlay projects: road, street, bridge, and traffic improvements; ditch and drainage improvements; shoreline improvements and multiuse facility for storm and critical incident preparedness; fiber network connection; public works vehicles and equipment; sidewalks, bike paths, boardwalks, and trails; fire station; public safety vehicles and equipment; park, square, and cemetery improvements; software and technology upgrades; airport apron, taxilane, safety, pavement, and fire facility improvements; water and sewer improvements; economic development site improvements; fishing pier renovations; and city building, facility, and property improvements, renovations, and upgrades; and also for the purpose of funding and implementing Tier2 capital outlay projects as identified and set forth in that Intergovernmental Agreement between Glynn County and the City of Brunswick dated July 26, 2022, if revenues from the special 1 percent sales and use tax exceed the estimated amount of $133,000,000 and proceeds from said tax are available after funding all Tier 1 Projects at their estimated costs? All such projects are to take place in Glynn County, including unincorporated Glynn County and Jekyll Island, and the municipality of Brunswick.

Satila River S&W Conservation District Supervisior

This district serves the counties of Wayne, Glynn, Brantley, Camden, Pierce, Ware, Charlton and Atkinson -- an area of 2,907,520 acres, the largest conservation district in the state. Each district has two supervisors from each county, one appointed by the State Soil and Water Conservation Commission and one who is elected by registered voters of the county.

Glynn County voters will elect one member from these candidates:

  • Glenn Cook
  • John Hodor Jr.
  • F. Heath Holdsworth
  • Laurie Lohne