Hurricane Matthew claims top 90,000

Insurance claims in Florida from Hurricane Matthew have reached $549 million, according to numbers posted Monday by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation.

The majority of the claims are from residential property owners. The latest figures also show a slowdown in new claims being filed.

As of Monday, 91,212 claims had been filed, up from 75,000 a week earlier. Projected damages stood at $454 million a week ago.

Hurricane Matthew ran up the East Coast this month. So far, 25.7 percent of the claims --- 23,396 --- have been closed, with less than half of those cases --- 10,859 --- being approved for payments.

Volusia County had the highest number of claims filed, with 26,664, 4,420 more than a week earlier. Another 14,860 claims had been filed in Duval County, 11,629 in Brevard County and 9,688 in St. Johns County.