Is a car safe shelter in a storm?

#SafePlaceSelfie and show off your weather hideout

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla – Sure it may stink but a bathroom can be the safest place to shelter when extreme weather hits. Mapping out your severe weather “safe place” is a smart move that can save your life.

A National Weather Service social media campaign wants you to snap a selfie of your severe weather hide out.

Knowing your safe place is an essential preparedness activity that changes depending on different types of extreme weather. 

A car is a very safe shelter from lightning but not during a tornado when cars can easily become a tossed airborne deathtrap.  

Always put as many walls between you and the outside when you take cover from a tornado. Interior rooms, under stairwells or in bathtubs are good options. 

Think of safe options not just at home, but work, school, church or on the road so you can react quickly to severe weather.

Newer highway underpasses provide very little protection from tornadic winds and have been shown to enhance tornado force winds resulting in fatalities.

Trying to stay dry under trees is a bad idea since lightning strikes target taller objects. 

You can #SafePlaceSelfie on your social media accounts to encourage everyone across the country to take this crucial life-saving preparedness action for when extreme weather threatens. 

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