Wild Florida makes 'miracle' rescue after Florence

Pregnant mom, children, family dog saved by airboat

Screenshot from Wild Florida's video on Facebook

KELLY, N.C. – An airboat tour company in Central Florida sent a team to North Carolina after Hurricane Florence, and the crew caught a dramatic rescue on camera.

Wild Florida posted the video to its Facebook page showing the team rescue a pregnant mother, a father, a 4-year-old girl, an 8-year-old boy, a 60-year-old uncle and the family's dog.

The family of five got caught in floodwaters.

According to WFTV, they had been clinging on to tree branches in chest-deep water since 4 a.m. and it took hours before they were rescued. It took about 35 minutes for the crew to get them out of the water.

Kelly, North Carolina we’ll never forget you! Full blown miracle save: 8 month pregnant mom with 4yr old girl on her shoulders, Dad with 8yr old boy, 60 yr old uncle and family dog...swept away and clinging for life since 4am!

Posted by Wild Florida on Sunday, September 16, 2018