Know your flood/evacuation zone

Plan ahead for the 2021 hurricane season

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The interactive map from below is a large file that will take a while to load. It will allow you to zoom in to view your community’s flood zone. Type in your ZIP code to see the flood zone and evacuation routes in that area.

Florida Department of Emergency Management offers this interactive map of Florida that allows you to zoom in to see your neighborhood or type in your address and it will take you directly to your street, but if you go directly to your street, you’ll have to zoom out a click or two to see which zone your home falls within and the nearest evacuation routes -- roads highlighted in pink.

WATCH: Danielle Uliano shows you how to find your evacuation zone

The county-by-county maps listed below -- provided from the counties or state -- are based upon the most up-to-date regional evacuation studies. Please note: there are no designated evacuation zones for many inland counties, including Alachua, Baker, Columbia and Union counties. If an evacuation is ordered, you will be directed to specific information from county emergency officials.

Clay County | Duval County | Flagler County | Nassau County | Putnam County | St. Johns County

Duval County has its own Know Your Zone search map. Under "search," click the address bubble and begin typing your address. As you see options show up, click on your address to find your evacuation zone.

Georgia residents can visit to find the flood status of their property.