Bahamians get much-needed food among death, destruction

Boatloads of food arrive to help hurricane survivors in Bahamas

VIDEO: Vic Micolucci reports on the relief efforts in the Bahamas that are giving Bahamians some hope.

NASSAU, Bahamas – Hundreds of people get off ferries from the Abaco Islands, the hardest-hit area from Hurricane Dorian, to get fresh food for the first time in days. Many other people died in the storm, while survivors lost their homes and everything that they own.

The survivors are now coming to the port of Nassau, trying to find out what is next. They were able to get some food and water. Many of them are homeless. They're living without resources, transportation and or money.

The Royal Caribbean cruise ship has entered the center of a humanitarian crisis as hundreds of children, families and animals come for help, have nowhere else to go and don't know what they'll do next.

"Right now, we're so frustrated, I can't even talk like that because we lost, we lost, we lost everything but thanks (to) God because we're still alive. Me and my family, we're good. They tell me a lot of people dead and other people lost, they lose their life," said a man who survived Hurricane Dorian.

Another storm victim explained what they are going through in the aftermath of the damage.

"From top to bottom, there's no power. The water's contaminated. We still have multiple bodies in the water, areas the vehicles cannot pass by the way. A lot of people died in their homes because, like I say, they couldn't swim and the surf was so high. People are actually right now killing you for water and bread in Abaco as we speak. A friend of mine was shot last night for water and bread," the man said.

Questions the Bahamian people keep asking crews on the ship is: "Can you take us home? Can we move to America? We don't want to be here anymore through this difficult process."

Sadly, for now, there is not an answer for them.

News4Jax traveled with the cruise ship as it delivers much-needed food, water and supplies to those who survived Dorian in the Bahamas. 

Here is my list of organizations helping with Bahamas relief that I recommend:

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