Beautiful, mild evening with hotter weather on the way this week

Jacksonville’s weather forecast warms up with chances for showers this week

Mild and beautiful with a bright moon

We started the week off on a gorgeous note, with sunny skies, light breezes, and comfortable afternoon warmth. As we make our way through the week expect the afternoons to get a bit hotter, challenging the daily high temperature records as we hit the low 90s.

Overnight our temperatures will be in the comfortable low 60s and all night long there will be a bright, nearly full moon. If you like that, make plans to catch Tuesday night’s Full Moon, it will be the biggest and the brightest we will see all year, you can check out those details here...

Unlike the foggy skies of Monday,Tuesday will be sunny, waking up in the low 60s and warming up into the upper 80s for the afternoon hours. Expect calm winds then developing out of the southwest around 5-10 mph. Some of those southwesterly winds will reach the beach, allowing for Coastal temperatures to reach the 80s too!

Late Tuesday, into Tuesday overnight there maybe a weak super cell thunderstorm (or two) rolling across North into Central Georgia, fading as moves into Southern Georgia. These are long lasting thunderstorms that can produce severe weather, none is expected in Southern Georgia.

Wednesday sunshine with building clouds, ahead of chances for afternoon showers and thunderstorms. Expect to start out in the mid 60s and warm up to around 90 degrees. After 2p.m. we see chances for scattered showers and storms in the forecast, not everyone will see the rain, but I wouldn’t make a grocery run without an umbrella. Or checking in with the Weather Authority App.

Thursday dries out, is partly cloudy and hot. Expect more record-challenging heat in the low 90s.

Cold front reaches Jacksonville late Thursday night!

Friday kicks off an occasionally damp forecast that sticks around through the weekend. Expect mostly cloudy skies, cooler afternoons in the upper 70s and low 80s, and scattered chances for showers Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Monday the sunshine and low 80s are back with more isolated chances for showers.

Warmer and wetter weather this week

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