Sluggish cool down tonight, dangerous heat back Tuesday afternoon

Jacksonville's weather forecast gets relief from the heat by mid week showers.

Veeeeeerrrrrrry slow cool down tonight

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Today was steamy hot, topping out in the upper 90s with feels like temperatures between 105-109°. The cool down will be slow tonight, with temperatures meandering down into the mid 70s with the possibility of patchy fog late tonight.

Tuesday will be a little hotter. Expect to heat up quickly and reach 97°, with a dangerous feels like temperature peaking around 110°. There will be a few afternoon into evening storms, cooling down the lucky areas that get them, we expect 40% coverage of our area by the afternoon storms.

Wednesday starts out in the mid 70s and warms up into the mid 90s before more widespread showers and thunderstorms erupt, covering about 60% of our area.

Thursday looks similar, with slightly more widespread showers and thunderstorms.

Friday won’t be quite as hot, warming up to 93°. Expect widespread afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms.

The 4th of July starts out in the mid 70s and warms up to 90° (the “coolest” we’ve been in over a week!) but you should plan for afternoon showers and thunderstorms, they will be widespread.

Sunday and Monday look similar to Saturday’ forecast. Our lawns will be rather happy with so much rain!

Turning much wetter this week