Wrapping up the work week weather on a drier and not-so-hot pattern

Jacksonville will enjoy a very slight break in the our hot weather pattern

Sunrise conditions

JACKOSNVILLE, Fla. – Big-time inland storms have been between US301 and I-75, they have all but faded as we head to bed.

When we wake-up on Thursday, skies will still show some high thin leftover clouds. These clouds will fade and sunshine will dominate. Yet, unlike recent super sunny and super hot days, the heat won't be quite as unbearable.

The difference? A moderate sea breeze.

Easterly onshore winds will develop and cap our high temperatures in the upper 80s at the beach to the low 90s inland areas.

Showers and isolated thundershowers will be about as much as the atmosphere will be able to push out. These showers will be rather early in the afternoon and not be the intense downpours we have seen recently. Most of these showers will also be mainly west of US301 (well to the west, inland).

Friday will be very similar and if anything is different it might be that temperatures will be in the 80s.

Not too shabby for a sunny July day, when the average high temperature is 92°

Sea breeze (onshore) winds will help
7-Day Forecast