Turning chilly quickly this evening, sunny & crisp tomorrow

Jacksonville’s weather forecast feels like Fall this week

Turning chilly quickly

JACKSONVILLE, fla. – Today was gorgeous! We topped out in the crisp upper 70s. Temperatures will turn chilly quickly as we head towards sunset and eventually make it down into the mid to upper 50s overnight.

Thursday starts out chilly and warms nicely into the low 80s for the afternoon. Expect mostly sunny skies and light winds out of the north.

Friday we wake up in the cool low 60s and warm back up into the low 80s under sunny skies.

Saturday a light Nor’easter builds, bringing a few coastal clouds and the possibility of an isolated coastal shower. We wake up in the low 60s and only warm up into the upper 70s, but it will be a little more humid thanks to the northeasterly winds, around 15 mph.

Sunday starts out in the mid 60s and warms into the upper 70s. The 15 mph northeasterly winds will bring increasing chances for a a coastal shower along with increasing clouds.

Monday also has a decent chance for showers with mostly cloudy skies, but it won’t be a washout. We will top out in the low 80s.

Cool weather sticks around through the weekend