More summer-like autumn weather weekend

Want cooler? More November-like weather? Hang in there another 3 days

Overnight Friday

JACKSONVILLE, FLa. – Eta is out of here, but some lingering low level moisture will once again (like Friday) give us a cloudy start. Temperatures have cooled from the record warm mornings we have been experiencing the past week. Sunrise temperatures will be in the 60s and as soon as the clouds break-up, rocket well into the 70s and low 80s. Winds will be lighter and there are no boater coastal advisories this weekend.

Tropical Conditions gave us record warm mornings

There is always a concern for Rip Current risk, as winds will become more onshore during the afternoon hours this will promote rip currents. Saturday’s afternoon winds will cool beach temperatures to the point it would be advisable to have a sweatshirt or a jacket or, if you are planning to be on the beach, even during the day, to have may some sweat pants of a pair of long pants. Winds will build Saturday afternoon and may gust to 20 mph. Enough to give you a chill, especially after sundown. Evening temperatures will dip quickly down into the 60s. Sunset is at a mighty early 5:30 p.m. both on Saturday and Sunday.

Rain chances are not eliminated! There will be a few showers (clouds too) that will blow onshore, with the best possibilities of these rouge showers in St. Johns, Clay, Flagler and Putnam counties. Best chances of these showers on Saturday will be in the afternoon and evening hours. The good news? They should be brief and not all that intense, misty drizzle.

Sunday will be the day our weather really turns the corner, a cold front will first pump-up our afternoon highs. Maximum temperatures will be around 85° as southwesterly winds ahead of the cold front will push the heat all the way to the beach. Yep, where you might need to layer up a little for Saturday, by Sunday, the offshore winds will warm area beaches.

Dry cold front, generally, yes. Yet, can’t rule out a passing shower as the front ushers in cooler and drier weather.

Rocket launch of the CREW-1 Space X will be at 7:27 p.m. SUNDAY night, yep Sunday as it was postponed due to large ground swell impacting the recovery barges offshore and gusty winds expected at launch time Saturday. There will be some clouds to impact our viewing, hopefully they will not be a viewing issue.

Sunday's rocket launch

Next week, super sunny skies, with morning temperatures finally cooling to a point where it will feel “normal”, not cold, but “normal”, which means morning sunrise low temperatures will be in the upper 40s and low 50s.

There will be little chance of showers until later in the week.

Finally, a break. There is so much catching up to do in this off the chart year.

Oh yeah, except for one more issue, Major Hurricane Iota will be severely impacting the same areas of Nicaragua and Honduras as we saw with Eta last week. Their electrical grid, sanitary conditions are already compromised and they will again be severely impacted by a serious hurricane.

7-Day Forecast

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