Planting to eat can be rewarding

Now is the time to start your herb and vegetable garden

Gardening advice for spring
Gardening advice for spring

Vegetable and herb gardening is taking off and becoming more popular during the pandemic.

Plants that you can eat are a very satisfying part of gardening for a tasty reward.

It can be hard to get plants growing from a package of seeds. Four-inch starter plants offer more success compared to seeds. Get a headstart with potted plants up to a gallon in size.

Basil is an easy herb to try first. Make sure to grow things you like and want to eat. Parsley and chives grow well at the start of the growing season in March.

If you are not having success down the road, it could be due to the heat. Summer is a hard time to grow any herbs when the temperatures are 90° for days upon days. Once the heat breaks in the fall, it will be time to plant another set of vegetables like lettuce and kale, which prefer cooler temperatures.


To give you the green edge without all the chemicals, choose organic products. You can compost or use FoxFarm soils that minimize chemicals while providing proper nutrition to the pants. In turn, you will be eating the fruits of your labor so be sure to keep it organic.

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