Weather Alert today and Saturday

Sun returns Sunday


Weather Alert Day continues with light rain and strong winds. The main impacts tonight and early Saturday will be along our coastal zones.

This weather event will continue through Saturday morning then slowly wind down. Wind, rain will decrease late Saturday through early Sunday.

Friday: Weather Alert day as the nor’easter strengthens. Wind and rain impact, especially along our beaches and rivers. Flooding likely along area rivers and our beaches at times of high tide. Rainfall amounts for coastal zones will average 2-4 inches, some areas could see higher amounts. Wind, NE 25-30 with gust to 45 mph. Stronger gusts possible. Bring in any lose items before going to bed and stay alert if you’re in a location that floods easily.

Saturday: Nor’easter continues. Wind driven rain with moderate flooding likely during high tide. Windy with widespread rain and a slight chance of thunderstorms. Showers will slowly taper off after lunch.

Highs will be well below average in the mid 50s, a cold and rainy day. Wind NNW 28-32 mph with gusts to 45 mph. Chance of rain 90 percent. Clouds continue through early evening then becoming partly cloudy.

Looking ahead: Small chance for a stray shower early Sunday then becoming sunny with less wind. Great football weather! Sunny skies continue through the start of the week.

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