Day 7 of Hurricane Preparedness Week: Last but not least, complete a written plan

Having a written plan will take out the guesswork

Hurricane preparedness: Complete a written plan (NOAA)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The 2022 Atlantic hurricane season is yet again forecast to be above normal for activity, so the time to prepare is now and our last step this Hurricane Preparedness Week is to have a written plan.

Once you’re under pressure, having a written plan will take the guesswork out of what you need to do to protect yourself and your family.

Know where you will ride out the storm and get your supplies now. You don’t want to be standing in long lines when a hurricane watch is issued. Those supplies that you need will probably be sold out by the time you reach the front of the line.

Being prepared now will mean the difference between your being a hurricane victim and a hurricane survivor. You can learn more at