Man found dead in Arlington home

Police are investigating the suspicious death of an elderly man in Arlington.


Cops: Woman shot in chest, man arrested

A man is behind bars and a woman is recovering after she was shot in the chest, police say.


JSO officer arrested for DUI

A Jacksonville Sheriff's Office deputy has been arrested for DUI after a traffic stop.


Family members arrested in drug bust

The Bradford County Sheriff's Office arrests five family members at three separate houses.


Cops: Suspect, kidnapping victim found

The man accused of kicking in his 22-year-old wife's door and taking her against her will was arrested Saturday afternoon on a long list of charges and his wife was found safe.


JSO: Man tells police he shot someone

Police are investigating after a man was shot about 2:40 a.m. on Tammy Cove Lane on the Northside.


Teens struck by car still recovering

Two teen who were pushing their mom's SUV are still recovering after being hit by an accused drunk driver.


ISIS wants to swap terrorist for Japanese man

ISIS appears to have beheaded one of its Japanese hostages and is demanding the release of a convicted terrorist in Jordan to spare the other.

The Islamic extremist group's latest grisly communication drew international condemnation and left Japanese ...


Daughter describes mom's airbag injury

A recall affecting more than 14 million vehicles in America comes too late for one Jacksonville woman, who was severely injured after her airbag exploded during a car accident.


Bill to allow guns at college discussed

It is an issue that is talked about every time there is a shooting on a college campus. A bill aimed at allowing students who hold concealed carry permits to carry their weapons with them on campus is being discussed.


Judge in SYG case says fists can be lethal

When Tyrone Smith felt insulted and began shouting at neighbor Jason Kinsey, the confrontation ended with Kinsey, 20, fatally shooting the unarmed teen -- claiming he was defending himself against a martial arts expert. A judge agreed. 


State Photographic Archives, Strozier Library, Florida State University

Tamiami Trail changed course of history

One hundred years ago, a rivalry began that would shape the state, one that would drive tourism and traffic along the southwest coast of Florida and away from the interior: The Tamiami Trail versus the Cross State Highway.


Dan Wagner/Herald-Tribune staff

Florida icon Bealls is turning 100

Bealls, a retail company known for selling apparel and home goods in department and outlet stores in Florida and across the country, is celebrating its 100th year in business this year.



Worst passwords of 2015

From its annual compilation of 3.3 million passwords leaked online, SplashData has pulled the most common -- and therefore least secure -- not-so-secret codes.


U.S. Army

On this day: January 25

The Winter Olympics are born, the Battle of the Bulge comes to an end, Charles Manson is found guilty, the Iran hostages arrive home, and Egypt begins rising up, all on this day.

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