Ex-wife of Florida man accused in killing: 'It haunts me'

Sarah Jones says Michael Jones asked to stay at her house

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The ex-wife of a Marion County man accused of killing his wife and four children said Michael Jones claimed he and his wife, Casei, were getting a divorce and asked to stay at her home in Jacksonville.

Jones, 38, is charged with second-degree murder. Detectives found the body of his wife and four children, and a Marion County deputy told News4Jax on Tuesday investigators believe Jones drove to Jacksonville with their bodies in his van, possibly to visit his ex-wife, before driving to Georgia where detectives said the bodies were discovered.

Sarah Jones, Michael Jones' ex-wife, said she is devastated.

"It haunts me every day. The images I have of them (the children) running around my apartment," she said.

Sarah Jones shares three children with Michael Jones. She said he began staying with them off-and-on in August. She said Michael Jones told her he and Casei Jones were getting a divorce.

“My understanding of their relationship at that point was that it was a bit contentious," Sarah Jones said. "He seemed to think that she was doing something devious and trying to keep his daughters from him.”

During that time, Sarah Jones said she didn’t notice anything unusual about her ex-husband.

“He was playing with his kids every day. He was taking them to the pool, he was talking about a future with them," Sarah Jones said. "There was absolutely nothing that would have peaked in my mind to say, 'Oh my gosh. I think he did something.'”

According to Sarah Jones, her ex-husband left her apartment on Sept.14, the day his wife and four children were reported missing.

“When he left here, the intention was supposed to be that he was going to Marion County to talk to them about it," Sarah Jones said.

The following day, Sarah Jones says she learned Michael Jones was arrested, and the bodies of his wife and children were found in Southeast Georgia.

Sarah Jones says her heart goes out to Casei Jones' family. She said Casey Jones was a wonderful mother.

Michael Jones is on suicide watch in jail pending his Oct. 22 arraignment.

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