Best local haunted house: 13th Floor Haunted House

JACKSONVILE, Fla. – Regarded by many as one of the scariest stops in Jacksonville, it's no surprise the 2019 JaxBest winner for best haunted house is the world-famous 13th Floor.

I mean, just look at that picture of the clown. Nope.

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As a testimony to its scariness, you'll notice a disclaimer on its website warning that the event may be too intense for children age 12 and under.

It's no secret the number 13 has a certain level of standalone eeriness. It's considered unlucky, and building owners will sometimes omit the 13th floor altogether.

"Come with us, as we attempt to explain the legend of the 13th floor, and introduce you to Jacksonville's most horrifying haunted experience, the 13th Floor," the website reads.

There’s no doubt this is the place to head for a scare this Halloween! Head to the website to get some tickets.