Tenn. mom gets letter from dead son

Cameron Sharp had written the letter to himself in middle school


A Tennessee mother was caught off guard when she got a letter in the mail addressed to her dead son.

What's even stranger, she could tell it was in his handwriting.

When Gail Anderson opened the letter, she found a 30-word note her son had written to himself as a middle school student seven years earlier, Knoxville TV station WBIR reported.

It read: "Dear Cameron. On this day my brother will graduate from middle school. On the same day I watched the movie Night at the Museum. My favorite teacher is Mr. Cawood."

Cameron Sharp was just 17 when he died in a car accident in January 2013.

Anderson received the letter around Mother's Day.

While bittersweet, she told WBIR the letter helped turned a day she had dreaded into something special.

Cameron's middle school teacher said he hesitated sending the letter along with Cameron's classmates as he does every year to mark their high school graduation.

"When I ran across (Cameron's) for just a moment I paused and asked myself, ?Do I mail this?' But I knew that probably it would be really special to his mother," Dale Caldwell told WBIR.