The official complete renew Arlington master plan


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – This is the complete Arlington master plan that is being used by the official Renew Arlington Community Redevelopment Agency. Its one of the largest scale redevelopment plans to be developed in Jacksonville and it was approved by the City Council in late 2015.

Massive infrastructure, retrofitting, and transportation upgrades are being built into the plan, which is pursuing a Commercial Property development plan to lead property value increases throughout the area. This is almost a complete reversal from the stagnant (and often) failed approaches used in the past, and represents a real step forward.

As usual, the first section of any plan always outlines everything that ever happened before and establishes the guiding lights that led to the plan being developed. This will not break that tradition. We get a perusal of all the other plans which preceded the CRA being established (which is being run as a separate agency with the city of Jacksonville). So, if you are looking for excitement, first pages are just simply not the place you are going to find it.

But then the plan gets down to specifics, and relies on four giant 'catalytic redevelopment' projects that are connected by commercial corridors.

The idea is that a big project with a number of moving parts brings people, energy and further development surrounding the larger projects.

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