American Red Cross in urgent need of volunteers

Organization preparing for peak of hurricane season

File photo (Photo by Scott Dalton/American Red Cross) (Scott Dalton/American Red Cross, © The American National Red Cross 2020)

The American Red Cross North Florida region urgently needs volunteers. Like many organizations that help people in need, the Red Cross is experiencing a shortage of volunteers that started during the pandemic.

“We especially need help in our shelters,” explained spokeswoman Christian Smith.

The Red Cross staffs shelters in the area when a disaster, like a hurricane, threatens Northeast Florida.

It also needs volunteers to join its Disaster Action Team and its Disaster Health Services Team. The Disaster Action team responds to more than 60,000 emergencies every year. The Health Services Team involves volunteers with professional skills as licensed healthcare providers to deliver hands-on care.

About 90% of the Red Cross workforce consists of volunteers, and 25% of volunteers are aged 24 or younger. Volunteers must be 18 or older or have permission from a parent or guardian based on the available volunteer opportunities.

There are a plethora of positions available. Among the volunteer opportunities include administrative, “client-facing,” “boots on the ground,” communications and outreach, finance/fundraising, health professional, instructor/presenter, IT, and leadership.

To learn more about the volunteer opportunities and the urgent need to fill certain positions, click here: How To Volunteer | American Red Cross

Press play below to learn more about the work of the American Red Cross to educate our viewers about hurricane preparedness:

We are now entering the peak of the hurricane season. This is definitely the time to remember you need to be ready just in case. Christian Smith with the American Red Cross joins us this morning to walk us through the best way to be prepared.

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