Are you ready to cut cable


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – You've probably heard of Netflix or Hulu before. But have you ever considered completely ditching your cable network for a no-contract option? Are you afraid you'll miss something or just not ready to let go?

In the last three months, cable lost over two hundred thousand subscribers. If you want to join them, we have your best options.

Netflix starting at seven-ninety-nine has a variety of content, including exclusive rights to Disney and all their affiliates such as Marvel and Pixar. However, they lack some classics and some popular shows are a few months behind in releasing the newest episodes. 

Hulu also starting at seven-ninety-nine is a good option if you want the current tv season. But it lacks many current popular shows, and the cheapest option has a lot of commercial breaks. 

Amazon Prime is ninety-nine-dollars a year for free shipping and it also offers a variety of video content. It includes a lot more titles, but some not as mainstream as others. For recent releases, Amazon will also offer the best selection of new movies that can be purchased or rented even before they are available on disc. 

Sling TV is an option if you're a sports fan, and for local news, most stations stream broadcasts on their websites. Another inexpensive option is an indoor antenna. For as little as twelve-ninety-nine, you can hook it up to your t-v and receive free local broadcasts. 

There are more options online that are completely free as well. Crackle is perfect for movie lovers and Funny-Or-Die is great for fans of good comedy. And don't forget Acorn TV. For four-ninety-nine a month, you can stream mysteries, dramas, and comedies from Britain and Australia.